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Business Development Consulting

Business Development is an art and a science. This is why we work closely with the organizations all across the world to analyze product opportunities and then work with leading firms to bring new products to market.  If you are considering entering new markets or creating new multi partner solutions that solve an industry need, we can work with your group to see what business development opportunities exist for you. 


Through consultation, we will help you map a strategic plan to create new products and services and actively work toward creating new product categories for your product and service. 


Revenue Services

Optimize the Channel

Let the channel work for you and increase your revenues with Omniom Channel buildout.

Maximize Old Products

Capitalize on your investment and revitalize old products for new markets.

Supercharge Product Strategy

Supercharge your product strategy and find new markets with Omniom

Sales Strategies

Comprehensive sales strategies to capture more leads and win more new customers.

Pricing Optimization

Strategic creation of sustainable and profitable pricing models.

Market Strategies

Omniom will help you isolate which market is right for your product and service and help you get there.

Business Strategies

When was the last time you reinvented your strategy? We can Help! Sometimes your business needs to rethink its existing business development strategy by refreshing who your end clients are or creating new buying categories for your company and product. Omniom can help you with our business development strategies with the following services.

  • Penetration
  • Expansion
  • OEM / Mgd Svcs
  • Acquisition

How do you penetrate deeper into your existing market or enter a new market? Omniom and our partner network can help you focus on deep vertical penetration to acquire more customers through a strong and focused channel ecosystem.


Penetrate new markets with the technology or service you already have. We will look at indirect methods to combine technologies or shop your technology into areas you may not have had the time or resources to explore.

Specialized channel partners are the key to industry specific knowledge and customer relationships to help you into a new market vertical. 



We call this the peanut butter and jelly theory. Sometimes your technology is a match with a strategic partner. We help align your product with the strength of another partner to create a unified go to market offering that is compelling to your new prospects. 

We can also align, manage and facilitate the OEM relationship with other vendors, either integrated into your product or integration into theirs. 

Are you at a loss of where to start with growing and augmenting your product? Omniom can help target key partners and prospects for acquisition and work through recruitment, acquisition, contractual and enablement, the full lifecycle of a comprehensive growth strategy. 

Contact our experts to see what we can develop together.