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Omniom IQ - Predictive Sales Solutions - Data Driven Processes

OmniomIQ analyzes thousands of data points from your sales intelligence data to help you see what opportunities may exist tomorrow that can be realized today. 


The OmniomIQ core engine aggregates sales, marketing, support and external data sources to build predictive insights which are then delivered to your sales team in real time. Find better prospects, close more deals, and see what a realistic pipeline looks like for the quarter and year. 


Omniom solves the most critical sales need, the ability to accurately focus their time on the right prospects and customers and win more business.


Omniom IQ utilizes a unique data driven approach to injecting modern analytics into your sales process while using advanced machine learning to adapt learn and grow with your sales team saving research time and outlining risk and reward areas. 


Build a better business with Omnimo

Predictive Analytics for Sales

Data Science for Sales

Omniom utilizes the latest predictive anlaytics and methodologies and injects this directly into your sales process.

Forecast Prediction

Learn more from your data, use predictive analysis to add accuracy and predictability to the sales forecast. Data-driven sales forecasts.

Predictive Targeting

Where should you align your sales force, and who should they target? Omniom highlights your top prospects and why.

Predictive Sales

What if you could peek into the future to see what deals you could close? Omniom can help you see tomorrows deals today.

Constant Monitoring

As a service Omniom can monitor ongoing batch sales activities to get you critical information sooner.

Critical insights

What if you could see a bad quarter before it happened? What would you change? Let us help you make educated data driven sales decisions?

Advanced Data Science for your Sales Teams

Data science is evolving at a rapid pace, bringing with it the advent of data centric predictive and prescriptive recommendations. Now your sales team can leverage advanced data science to predict tomorrows wins today by providing timely insights and sales intelligence that supply your new competitive advantage.

  • The Next Evolution of Sales
  • Predict better outcomes
  • Target the right people
  • Make better sales machine

Why would you make 1000 phones calls for one connect if you knew ahead of time who to call? Welcoem to data driven sales. Omniom can help you modernize your sales approach. 


Using the data you already are gathering, you can gain massively different insights into your business and customer base than thought possible.


Omniom works with your technical and business groups to implement data driven strategies that can help predict, monitor and enhance your sales. 



What if you knew that a specific vertical or client segment would take twice as long and cost twice as much as another vertical you were not focused on? Would you make the switch? Let us help determine where you should focus. 

Allot sales is guesswork. How well does marketing educate, how well do sales execute, how does the product do versus the competition? Predict wins in losses factoring in ALL data, from marketing conversion rates to sales close percentages. Predict better outcomes with Omniom. 

What are the Benefits of A Data Driven Sales Team?

Improved Sales IQ

You'll get Data Smart

You'll begin to learn what data is important to capture and what data is not, creating efficiencies in your processes. Also, you'll begin to learn how to read analytics to help with your day to day decision making.

You'll enhance your current plan

Data lets you know where the mistakes are happening and can predict outcomes. When this is applied correctly to your current sales and revenue plans you begin to see what changes are a priority and what changes can wait. You can then deploy the critical changes to enhance your plan and leave the rest for later.

You'll have Happier Employees

When guesswork is replaced with data your employees start understanding the why's behind your strategy. This goes way beyond asking someone to capture more data and moves toward enabling them to use data to win more deals and make better use of their time and creating happier motivated co-workers.

Why is one territory better than another? Why is one rep, team, division so good? How can we repeat this success?


Moving from an Intuitive sales force to a data driven sales force is a crucial part of succeeding in our new business landscape. Data allows you to make better decisions, see deeper insights, and make decisions faster. Data gives you an edge on competitive environments but utilizing multiple data sources to help you predict your revenue outcomes. 


Omniom IQ arms you with the tools needed to create an amazing agile sales plan, and integrate data driven processes into your sales process. 


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