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Develop New Markets

Market Analysis and Expansion

Get into new and exciting markets

Understanding where your product could be of value in other verticals can be a huge boost to your business. Often you may lake the expertise or vertical knowledge to commit to a market, or you're waiting for a customer use case post sale.  


Omniom will help you understand other markets where your product and service could be a fit, and will actively introduce you to channel partners that provide industry specific expertise. Let us open new channels for you to sell your product and service. 

Modern day partnerships require quite a bit more than a logo swap. Omniom understands this and actively seeks partners that make your combined story better. Omniom isolates what each partner does and actively looks for ways the market would respond to a dual positioned offering. We then combine this story together and align marketing and sales efforts to get a quick strike offering out. 

Market Feasability

Unique Solutions

Omniom works with your technology and looks to see where your offering would fit that it is not now, or recruits partners to help fill out a unique new offering. The combined effort means new business for you.

Better Together

Omniom works with our large partner network to find unique strategic partners that would enhance your product offering. To entering new vertical markets to expanding into new business ventures, Omniom can help.

Content Development

Omniom will actively work with your marketing or writing teams to create a unique, new, and relevant content that you can use to start building a pipeline of business. From web contact to white papers and sales material, we can help.


Omniom can help isolate solutions that would enhance your current product and make the appropriate introductions. Our research is based on real market conditions and which technologies would enhance your own.


Let us help with enabling and training your partners. We can help them up to speed quickly based on the goals you have set.

Creative Development

Are you looking to get into a new vertical market and having trouble starting? Let Omniom help with market analysis to see where, when and how you should enter a market.

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