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IoT Channel Strategies

Make IoT Work

A whole new IoT world is opening for you

The Interet of Things (IoT) is the latest buzz word and an amazingly fast growing market. Part of the mystery of IoT is trying to classify and industry, technology, social and multi-vertical technology advancement into boxes that we can understand. We all know how big the market is, but the bigger question is where do you get started and how do you organize resources so you can recognize a return on your time and effort?

The Omniom team can work closely with you to decipher the IoT marketplace and focus on getting your technology into the right hand with the right message. We will also help you build out your IoT ecosystem of technology partners and create a robust sell through channel network. 

Our complete IoT services will help you focus on product development while we focus on finding the right market and right partner channel to make your offer a success. The following our services where we can assist in IoT.

IoT Services

Market Analysis

IoT is a very large and complex market. Where you position yourself may have the biggest impact on the bottom line. Let us help you navigate the IoT marketplace and see where your product and service best fits.

Partner Development

Having strong technology partners in this vast and growing market is crucial. Omniom can help with an end to end partner services to recruit and build a world class IoT ecosystem. Go from product ideas to robust partner and distribution channels.

Technology Integration

Often your product or service does not have it all, and you don't have time to dedicate to in house development, especially for a new service. Omniom can help you isolate partners that can help round out your solution. We will work with your marketing and technical group to isolate what it is you need to enhance your product.

Get To Market

Now that you have built your IoT product it's time to get it in front of customers. Omniom will help you isolate a partner channel, create compelling content, and get your pipeline started.

Content Creation

Omniom can help your marketing team create compelling IoT story lines. Part of the mystery of IoT is how exactly it will help the end customer, we can help focus your efforts on offering true value.


Sometimes you just need a skilled set of eyes to take a look at your current offering. We can help you critique your current offering to help optimize your get to market efforts.

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