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Sales as a service - Sales Outsourcing

Omniom helps clients leverage their strengths by offering outsourcing services to key strategic sales areas, sales outsourcing as a service, or the outsourcing of the complete sales operation allowing you concentrate on your product and service. 


Sales outsourcing leverages Omniom's world-class sales analytics and operations platform while allowing you to stay in complete control over your sales teams budget and goals. We work with you to build out your dedicated sales team or build goal-oriented sales services, and then manage day-to-day operations training and logistics.  


Omniom solves the most critical business need of the need of building a world-class product and service while also simultaneously building a world-class sales organization. Outsourcing sales allow you to focus and set sales revenue goals while outsourcing day to day operations, logistics, and training to Omniom. 


Enjoy the freedom of managing sales objectives without the need to manage an entire sales force. Omniom will assist with strategy, training, tools and resources and all logistics for your sales force. Our sales-as-a-service allows you to outsource key pieces of your sales operation or the entire program. 

Sales as a Service - How we do it

Goal Setting

Omniom works with you to set key goals for your product and service and revenue expectations that will lay the groundwork for your sales team.

Team Build

Omniom will recruit a dedicated team for your business or utilize our in-house professionals for your sales services for all sales and sales leadership positions.

Sales Training

This is a dedicated team. We will work with you to provide core training to learn your product and service and apply the Omniom sales methodology to outbound sales.

Revenue Generation

We immediately begin building a pipeline and closing sales on behalf of your product and service.

Reporting and Analytics

Omniom reports weekly sales numbers and analytics to your organization to make sure we are aligned and on goal.

Full Marketing Integration

Your outsourced sales team will work directly with Marketing on lead follow-up and lead execution. We are an extension of your company.

Your Sales Team: Your Goals.

Omniom will manage the sales strategy and execution of your new sales team and work with you to build a world-class sales organization. This is your unique team and will work under your corporate umbrella with your branding while we manage the infrastructure. We will even work with you to onboard and transfer your sales team should you decide to bring the group in-house.

  • Embedded Sales
  • Sales Evolved
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Sales as a Service

Your sales teams will work under your corporate umbrella with your email address making this a complete white-labeled sales outsourcing service. 

We utilize the latest training methodologies and analytics to build your sales team, giving you a competitive edge. We recruit all position levels that touch revenue and have independent management for each team. 



Your outsourced sales reps are goal oriented and focused on selling your product, just as if they worked for you. Your sales team will be constantly monitored to maximize the effectiveness for your brand and sales. 

We will work with your goals to determine if we should outsource your entire sales operation or key strategic pieces. You can incrementally add more services as you start to see success. 

What are the benefits of Sales-as-a-service?

Less Adminstration

More Sales

With your energy directed toward product building you no longer need to worry about sales revenue generation. Our sales processes and methodologies are applied at some of the worlds largest companies, and you will benefit from our revenue first view.

Less Risk

Growing a sales organization is timely and difficult. Omniom removes the risk of revenue generation by applying our proven methodologies of generating sales and apply these to your goals and objectives.

Start Small or Go Big

Omniom Sales as a service approach allows you to outsource key areas of business development and scale as your product scales. We can focus on one key area that needs improvement or build out resources as your revenue grows.

Sales Incubation

Omniom will build your sales team and apply our training and analytics to optimize their revenue generation. We will work within your corporate expense guidelines to make sure we are under-budget and overproducing. If at any point you want to onboard the sales team we will work with you to transition your sales team into your organization.

On Budget - Over Producing

Omniom works within your sales budget guidelines for travel and expense to make sure we are adhering to your budgetary conditions will maximize sales. Our goal is to be under budget and overproducing.

Omniom sales outsourcing allows you to concentrate on building your best product and service while we concentrate on building your best sales organization. Our focus is on your brand and product which is why we only hire the top local professionals and executives to work on your team. 


This is an elite level service, our goals are to build the sales team you would build if you had unlimited time, knowledge and resources, and get them to productivity faster. 


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