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Sales Plans and Strategies

Winning starts with the right game plan. Getting a sales plan together is pivotal to your sales success. Omniom specializes in helping you create sales plans that cater to your business, vertical, and product, with a focus on sustainable and repeatable growth. We have your growth in mind and your prospect's success with your product as the main driving goal behind all of our plans. 

Sales plans need to be agile because after all the market does not stay stagnant. We will work with you to produce a plan that works now and is adaptable to change when market conditions change or an opportunity presents itself. 

Sales Planning

Product Strategy

We help you define which markets and verticals are right for your product and help you penetrate those markets.

Data Driven Sales

Utilizing the most advanced data science techniques Omniom can help predict better sales outcomes.

Sales Allignment

Quotas, compensation plans, territory focus, market segments. We can help you create a dynamic plan.

Tool Selection

Tool review and selection. Selecting the right sales intelligence tools are important to your success. We will help you define what tools you should use.

Channel Development

Create a winning profitable channel with the right strategic partners. We can help you draft up the plan to create your channel.


Let us educate, train and roll out your new sales strategy to the sales force. We can help with all aspects of the rollout of our mutual plan.

Sales Strategies

When was the last time you reinvented your strategy? We can Help! Sometimes your business needs to rethink its existing strategy by refreshing the game plan or by creating one from the ground up. Omniom can help you with our business strategies with the following services.

  • Penetration
  • Expansion
  • Enablement
  • Implementation

How do you penetrate deeper into your existing market or enter a new market? Omniom and our partner network can help you focus on deep vertical penetration to acquire more customers through a strong and focused channel ecosystem.


Penetrate new markets with the technology or service you already have. We will look at direct and indirect methods to combine technologies or shop your technology into areas you may not have had the time or resources to explore.

Specialized channel partners, new verticals, and growing existing business are the key to increasing your expansion efforts. Omniom can help. 



Getting sales reps and management to buy into your new plan can make or break your success. Omniom helps you educate the reps and management to get them onboard and completely vested in the new processes. 

As an end to end business development and strategy company, Omniom will be there through every step of the sales plan process. We will implement the sales plan and stand by you through its success, as well as help with any changes that are needed. 

Contact our experts to see how you can grow your channel revenue.